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TALC- The Ark Learning Center

What TALC Stands For.

T- Teaching to Support Children's Development and Learning

A- Adapting to the needs of the child by carefully Planning Curriculums

L- Learning and Assessing Children's Development and providing supportive tools for their advancement

C- Creating a Caring Community of Learners through developing relationships with the Children and their families


Mission Statement

The Ark Learning Center provides preschool children with an opportunity to grow in the areas of arts, recreation, and knowledge.


Our Preschool Program

The Ark Learning Center endeavours to provide children, ages 3 through 5, with playful learning, enriched with a diverse range of resources and experiences - children of all cultures, backgrounds, and abilities working together in a shared learning space.

We encourage the support and commitment of parents. Collaborating with parents is key to the life and work of an integrated school. This provides for the children a Sense of Community and a Nurturing Environment.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Daycare Highlights

Kids in Daycare

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Contact Us

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