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The Ark Learning Center provides preschool children with an opportunity to grow in the areas of arts, recreation, and knowledge.



A Journey of Independence
A Sense of Respect for Every Child

An Atmosphere of Openness and Trust
A Culture of Happy, Healthy Children

A School Connected to the Local Community


To create an experience for preschool age children that will ultimately equip them to excel through creative and expressive learning.

Our Staff


I said I wasn't going to tell nobody, but I just couldn't keep it to myself! The Ark Learning Center in Roxobro NC! You guys are teaching the world of God to these little children and God is using them to be a blessing to other people...When a 4 year old can sense someone is in distress and knows who she needs to call on to get through it. That is a blessing and she knows to tell others about God! Pastor Danny Johnson and Co Pastor Teresa Johnson . You guys are teaching these little children what is needed for such a time as this and I know it can't be easy, but I want to thank you for always rising to the occasion. The Ark Learning Center at Zion Christian Center  I started praying that you guys would open the school back up as soon as I found out about my grand baby and I started asking you guys about it every chance I got. And GOD showed up and showed out as usual. My grand, Elani was the first and only to graduate from the 2023 preschool class at The Ark Learning Center and she loves her Pastor!

Letitia Thompson (Grandparent)

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